My mission is to help you make your mark on the world.

Brittnie Ayers Portrait

Career Highlights

Ayr Creative, LLC (Sep ‘18 – Present)
Owner • Creative Director
Gaia, Inc. (Jun ‘16 – Oct ’18)
Senior Merchandising Designer
Brittnie.Org (Feb ‘13 – Present)
Independent Creative
YellowScene Magazine (Jan ‘11 – Feb ‘13)
Art Director • Graphic Designer
bluchair media, inc. (Aug ‘09 – 2011)
Junior Graphic Designer • Account Manager

About Ayr Creative

Ayr Creative’s purpose is to get to know your story, help you identify and polish your style, and craft branding materials that convey a promise to your audience: that when your paths cross, the story gets better. Ayr works in the shadows to creatively direct your identity for the role you desire. After getting intimate with your organization’s vision and voice, Ayr crafts goal-oriented, audience-centered brand art, messaging and experiences.

Brittnie Ayres, Owner & Chief Creative

Brittnie’s background in fine arts, graphic design, and management gives her a unique blend of creative and project management skills that accommodate dynamic businesses of all sizes and industries. Her creative process and operations are built on a foundation of compassion and common sense. Whether you communicate from your head, your heart, or a little of both, Brittnie truly hears you. With a network of designers, developers and writers, Ayr can manage even your biggest hairiest print or web projects efficiently and effectively.

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Brand design & adherence

Project and workflow management

Print and large-display design

Web experience design

Advertising design and copy writing

Photoshoot direction and production

Custom illustration

Design consulting and mentorship


I get by with a little help from my friends. When you work with me, we have a safety net of talent and knowledge to keep us on track. Whether we hire each other, buy drinks in exchange for mentorship, or just nerd-out over design and marketing over a pot of coffee, we are a team. Near and far, they have my back, and I’m eternally grateful.


Emma Burns

Graphic Design Ninja

She travels the world, yet remains flexible and punctual. I know I can trust her to uphold quality design standards my clients have come to expect. She is a gem, and her ability to ‘get’ my clients’ needs is a rare find.


Aaron Brown

Malama Online Marketing

He codes most of the websites I design; And the live sites are exact replicas of my designs, pixel-for-pixel. They function smoothly and are search engine optimized. Who knew you could have it all?


Jonathan Day

bluchair media, inc.

Behind the scenes, he’s my go-to when I need career or project advice, or to nerd-out on graphic design news, or a pot of French pressed coffee. He even helped me grow legs when I was just a graphic design tadpole.


Kim Kelley

Ali’i Marketing & Design

Kim was the first person to catch me when I took the freelance leap. As a project manager and marketing mind, she continues to be my most loyal client and a true role model for me and other female business leaders.