"We design our world, while our world acts back on us and designs us."

— Anne-Marie Willis

Brands are people, too.

Every individual has a brand made of three parts: Who we think we are, who everyone else thinks we are, and the mark we leave behind. Sometimes, that mark lingers beyond a lifetime, as other people adopt, spread and build on a brand’s stories and styles; they knowingly or unknowingly become a part of it. Over time, brands take on a life of their own. Recall the legacy Martin Luther King, Jr. left for our culture, language and character—or the scar Miley left on wrecking balls. They each have a unique voice, values, purpose, and following. Businesses have learned that their brands, too, can walk in the crowd, live in our homes and change who we are. Our goal as businesses owners is not to make pretty web sites or brochures. Our goal is to create a living, breathing brand that can survive without us. Like a child, we teach it how to speak, act and prepare for a mind of its own.

Creativity with a purpose

If your brand is going to walk around talking about you behind your back, we need to give it some direction. Any visuals should represent you accurately and attractively, leaving a signature aftertaste that is memorable and sharable. That’s where Ayr comes in.

The creative process is simple and totally custom to you. You’ll find that our design estimates do not include limits on changes or versions you get to request. Let’s be real. The creative process is organic and should be exclusively guided by budget, deadlines and your story. Every story is unique, but the creative process is the same:



Snuggle up to your story
and business goals; Research
your industry and other
contextual factors.



Throw out pre-conceived
notions and industry
stereotypes; Discover your
distinct voice.



Create and present potential
styles that are relevant and
charming; Test-drive



Obtain input from you and
other stakeholders; Continue
guiding and fine-tuning
designs until launch.