“Seriously, how do you do that? I am baffled by the endless amount of inspiration you have!"

— Kim Kelley, Owner, Ali'i Marketing & Design

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Advocate Radiology

Advocate specializes in digital and personnel solutions to help radiology companies with billing and practice management. They are very active in the nation-wide radiology community.

Role: Graphic Designer

Company: Ali’i Marketing
Advocate Feature

Publications, Ads & Booklets

Advocate is a leader in the radiology billing and management industry and have so much to share! Publications and brochures allow them to share a lot of information in an engaging way so that readers may learn what they have to offer while also benefiting from industry knowledge.

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Management Reports

This booklet provides a sample of how Advocate can display
and analyze a radiology company’s financials and findings.

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Event Displays & Marketing

Advocate attends many expos, offering a variety of kiosks in which to learn about how Advocate works. Postcards were sent to attendees’ hotel rooms, offering incentives for visiting Advocate’s booth. Floor decals also helped attendees find Advocate’s booth more quickly.

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