“F@#& yeah. I f@#&ing love that logo.”

—Greg Campbell, Award-winning author, journalist, & documentarian, Fox Tale Films

Foxtail Pines Veterinary Hospital

A veterinarian with over 30 years of experience moved to Erie, Colorado with his wife in 2014 to offer their extensive veterinary expertise to an area they love. Their optimistic, laid-back personalities combined with big hearts, unwavering compassion for animals, and deep rooted veterinary intellect fit right in!

Role: Designer & Account Manager

Company: Independent

Logo & Brand Collateral

My approach to this logo design was pretty straight-forward. A foxtail pine is a type of evergreen, so a pine cone makes up the base of a paw print. Font and colors were chosen to evoke trust, care and approachability.


Web Design

The initial web design needed to be easy to navigate and quickly provide lots of information about services and book appointments. Foxtailpinesvet.com is a responsive website, designed by Ayr Creative and developed in Drupal by Tripod Creative.