“F@#& yeah. I f@#&ing love that logo.”

—Greg Campbell, Award-winning author, journalist, & documentarian, Fox Tale Films

Dancing Pines Rum

Dancing Pines Distillery

Before Dancing Pines (DP) distilled spirits could be found in liquor stores all over Colorado, it began as a vision for one Loveland couple. From their cabin one evening, as they watched the pine trees sway to the sound of the wind in the distance, they quickly established the name of their new venture.

Role: Junior Designer

Company: bluchair media, inc.
Dancing Pines

Logo & Brand Collateral

The logo is inspired by pine needles, and the espression of two figures dancing. The angled lines seen throughout the DP brand reflect the angle formed when you tilt your whisky glass, or the angled sides of a martini glass. The colors reflect their rustic, woodsy Colorado heritage. The senior designer of this project drew the initial “DP” sketch, and I produced the final result.

Dancing Pines Identity

Label Designs & Illustrations

Since the labels are so bold and hard-edged, I created hand-drawn illustrations for each of their debut spirits. This helped to offset the hard lines with a more hand-crafted feel, and would help customers quickly identify the flavors used.

Dancing Pines Bottle
Dancing Pines Bottles
Dancing Pines Espresso