“F@#& yeah. I f@#&ing love that logo.”

—Greg Campbell, Award-winning author, journalist, & documentarian, Fox Tale Films

Volta Mediterranean Restaurant

A foodie and sommelier team invented Volta in order to bring the flavors and vibes of their home in the Mediterranean to Boulder. The menu, which changed daily, was always organic and almost always locally sourced. Volta was a place of music, art and events, where they hoped people could feel both elevated and at-home.

Role: Designer & Account Manager

Company: Independent

Logo & Brand Collateral

We determined pretty early-on that a hand-drawn logo would be the right solution. The Volta logo is designed to be organic, wavy and expressive. Can you see the server in the “V,” with one serving arm bent, and the other snapping expressively upward in celebration?


Print & Displays

Unique to Volta is their broad and flexible color palette. Using colors common in the Mediterranean for inspiration, four foundational colors were designed to reflect the times of day, including brunch, lunch, dinner and night life. Mandalas are also used throughout all materials to evoke abundance and community.


Web Design & Social Media

I designed a site to match the intimate and vibrant Volta experience, easily capture reservations, and showcase beautiful cuisine and ambiance photography by Tripod Creative. Bluchair Media, Inc was contracted to help me strategize an initial wireframe. It was developed in Drupal by Tripod Creative.