“F@#& yeah. I f@#&ing love that logo.”

—Greg Campbell, Award-winning author, journalist, & documentarian, Fox Tale Films

Herbal Heart Apothecary

Four women launched Herbal Heart Apothecary (H2a) to make beauty products that are as healthy in your body as they are on your body. Armed with an organic garden—and herbal recipes from a master herbalist in Loveland, CO—they launched with 4 product lines, and counting. They now run a retreat center east of Fort Collins, where they offer room and board, wellness treatments and H2a products.

Role: Designer & Account Manager

Company: Independent

Logo & Brand Collateral

H2a requested a logo that would look clean and apothecaric. The clean lines compliment the more organic aspects of their brand, including illustrative packaging. It also needed to be able to be versatile enough to accommodate their expansive vision, which includes someday becoming an actual brick-and-mortar apothecary.


Custom Illustration

The central mark of the H2a visual identity is a custom illustration. They requested an illustration of a real heart exploding with herbal life, using an etched effect, that exudes all-natural wellness and love and could be used both with and without color, paired with the logo or standalone.


Packaging Design & Product Photography

The illustration is intended to be used on all packaging in all forms: dark, light and full color. I also created custom icons, to be used after each instance of “put it on your…” in the product instructions, to make it fast and easy to discern what each product is for.