“F@#& yeah. I f@#&ing love that logo.”

—Greg Campbell, Award-winning author, journalist, & documentarian, Fox Tale Films

Interventional Radiology of Colorado

Interventional radiology is a type of radiology imaging that offers minimally invasive, image-guided diagnostics and treatments. The field touts less pain, less cost, less risk and less recovery time compared to some traditional radiological and surgical options. The Interventional Radiologists of Colorado (IRC) is a division of Diversified Radiology, staffed only with fellowship-trained experts.

Role: Designer

Company: Ali’i Marketing

Logo & Brand Collateral

The fonts and colors used for IRC are pulled directly from the parent organization, Diversifed Radiology. The logo needed to compliment the organization, including Diversified Breast Imaging, while accommodating a long name with long words. We kept it clean, bold and sophisticated, with a very subtle nod to a catheter in the plunging “R.” Custom icons were also created to represent the types of services IRC offers.

Irc Illustration 1
Irc Illustration 2
Irc Illustration 3
Irc Illustration 4

Web Design

The IRC web design needed to feel both inviting and clinical, while quickly helping patients find information or forms they need. Ircolorado.org is a responsive website, designed by Ayr Creative based on a bootstrap grid, and developed in WordPress by Malama Online Marketing.