— Kim Kelley, Owner, Ali’i Marketing

Gaia Hero

Gaia, Inc.

Gaia is a video-streaming platform with original and acquired video content—kind of like Netflix, but with very niche content. Gaia content streams on Gaia.com, the Gaia app, Apple TV, Comcast, Roku and Amazon Prime. With over 500,000 members, Gaia continues to evolve into the world’s foremost resource for conscious media. It offers 3 main channels: Yoga, Transformation and Seeking Truth. Their graphic styles for merchandising videos range from sophisticated wellness to cosmic whimsy. My role requires the creation and management of about 10,000 web assets per year.

Role: Content Designer

Gaia Feature

Hollywood Decoded

This is a series that features conversations around hidden symbolism in Hollywood movies, and what they might mean for society. The look and feel needed to allude to the topics-at-hand for those interested, without offending those who are not.

Hollywood Decoded 1
Hollywood Decoded 2
Hollywood Decoded 3


Thrive is Gaia’s first-ever experience-based series. Rather than taking a linear path to learning about ancient Indian self-care methods and philosophies through sequential episodes, you can choose your own path by choosing from different types of content in any order: docuseries, practices, tutorials, and more. The look and feel needed to look like Ayurveda, and yet approachable for viewers who don’t know what Ayurveda is.

Thrive 1
Thrive 2

Yoga Paths

Many believe that Yoga and Transformation are channels that don’t cross. This series is Gaia’s first yoga-focused series that is not asana practice. Yogic Paths is a docuseries, featuring interviews with yoga leaders all over India about the full-spectrum of yoga philosopher, history and experience. The look and feel needed to obtain interest from viewers of both channels, without looking at all like a practice.

Yogic Paths 1
Yogic Paths 2
Yogic Paths Web

Erich Von Däniken

He is a legend in the world of alternative history. The look and feel needed to be historical with a twist. Two separate but similar series launched in English and German. I also repurposed the series art for the backdrop projected on set.

Evd 1
Evd 2
Evd 3

Yoga Every Day Rebrand

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a practice every day! This is the perfect series for anyone hoping to fit in or supplement their practice with at least 15 minutes of yoga practice each day. It was such a hit, it was turned into an app. The app was a way for those only interested in the Yoga channel to interact with Gaia yoga content without having to make decisions.

Yed 1

Yoga Studio Set Redesign

The old YED set was very orange. And since all YED covers featured a photo of the instructor, it had a big visual impact on all Gaia products. We needed something more neutral, which slowly helped transform the look of the site, and created an alternative space for filming other yoga series, and even non-yoga series.

Yed 2
Yed 3
Yed 4
Yed 5
Yed Web

Series Art

Armed with marketing goals and producers’ visions for a show, I have the opportunity to create a broad spectrum of logos and vibes. Once I’ve established the brand for a series, it is then featured on all products, along with any other strategic launch art, and delivered to marketing for repurposing and messaging for non-members.

Open Minds
Ancient Civilizations
Beyond Belief
Unearthing Nazca
Secret Life Of Symbols
Hidden Power