— Kim Kelley, Owner, Ali’i Marketing

Ys Hero

Yellow Scene Magazine

Yellow Scene (YS) Magazine is a monthly regional magazine for Boulder and East County. It focuses on many local topics, from education to politics. YS makes ad revenue, but is devoted to never getting paid for journalism. The sales and editorial departments proudly remain completely separate, making YS a genuinely good read.

Role: Art Director

Ys Feature

Covers 2010-2012

Designing covers for YS Magazine involved presenting concepts to the publisher for approval, hunting resources (photographers, locations, models, and props), photoshoot production and direction, photo editing and typography–all while continuing to manage and produce editorial and advertising creative. It was absolutely my favorite monthly project during my time at YS.

Editorial Design

Each month, YS includes a monthly feature, which is reflected on the cover and directs the topic of most featured articles, such as kids, politics, health and food. Often, there’s also a secondary and tertiary feature. A new look is designed for each and every feature, which can include photoshoot direction and illustration.

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